Friday, February 28, 2014

This is why I often have to remove people from my newsfeed.

As I've mentioned before, I really don't like it when people are totally mean to people on social media (or in the actual real world) just because they don't agree with their beliefs. I mean, really, being douchy to someone just because they aren't as "christian" as you is totally uncalled for. Plus, that is not what Jesus would do.

That being said, I am finding myself more and more compelled to post snarky comments on the statuses of people I find annoying, fake, big fat liars or who just have horrible personalities, which isn't nice, either. I know that. And sometimes what I want to write is really, really mean. Like, I am even shocked by my own meanness. Here are a few examples of things I wanted to post just this morning:

  • Do you do anything besides take pictures of yourself all day? And you should probably hope your employers doesn't find your FB page because a lot of those pics appear to be happening on his time. 
  • Everyone knows you're lying. 
  • Are you trying to convince yourself how great and perfect your spouse is or are you trying to convince everyone else? Because, I know your spouse and I'm leaning towards the first option.
  • Are you aware the only thing you don't share you're doing on social media is shitting? 
  • Yeah, we all know how to do that without a microwave because we grew up in the 80's. 
  • If you have all the health conditions you claim to have, I don't think you should be eating that. 
  • Lighten the eff up. 
I know, I am satan. And a hypocrite. Well, not really. I don't get mean because of their beliefs-just who they are as a person in general and I never, ever post the stuff. I just think it and roll my eyes a lot. 

But, if I find myself overwhelmed to be ugly to someone more than once a week, I just remove them from my newsfeed. Well, unless they're a special brand of crazy. 

Then they have to stay for entertainment purposes.


Katy Anders said...

Haha... I am generally okay when I read this stuff at home. It's when I'm at work and I'm already frustrated that ridiculously stupid things hit me the wrong way.

I try and breathe and think a bit before I hit "reply."

I need to start typing my unposted gut-level replies in Word or something so I can go back later and see them.

This was good.

Julie said...

I remember one time in particular. There was an online magazine photo contest and my very young daughter, at the time, and I made a rainbow of jello and took her pic with it and entered it. She won! And I got a year's subscription free. But there was that one person who HAD to comment how cruel it was to make jello because it's got animal parts blah blah blah. Just HAD to say that. Took every ounce for me not to screen shot and forward it to their employer whom they listed in their profile.

Callie Hatfield said...

I loved this post! You just made my day!!

Kellie said...

LOL I'm the same way. Your phantom comments are some that I would have posted this am too.

Jodi said...

Hahahahahaha! Love it.

Honestly, I think we all have those thoughts. And maybe not just on FB...

Karen C. said...

Oh my gosh! You had me laughing out loud...been there! :-)