Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is what DriveTime calls customer service

Yesterday, I posted the e-mail I wrote DriveTime when they responded to my tweets. Just as they promised, on of their representatives contacted me within just a few hours. Here's what they had to offer to "fix" the issue with my car and their business practices:

  • They will pay for one hour of diagnostics on my car at the VW dealership. 
  • If the problems VW finds on my car aren't covered by the warranty on my car (and history tells me they won't be) they will defer two of my car payments so paying for the repairs won't be quite so hard. 
That sounds really good, no? Well, except who pays if the diagnostics take more than hour? Am I supposed to foot the bill for the extra? Oh, and when I pressed the rep further on the "defer" offer, since, thanks to being a person who is really good at English (and may or may not have a lot of student loan payments that have been deferred more than once), he was forced to admit that , yeah, the payments would be added to the end of my loan, so it would be a little longer, which means extra interest on the loan. So, their offer to "help" me, really makes them more money in the end. 

I know, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy, too. 

The rep also informed me they would not put me in another car at this point in the loan. When I called him out on the fact I'd asked to be put in a car two weeks into the loan and they refused then as well, so wanting out of the car is neither a new request or new information, he had to agree. As a matter of fact, he had to admit there was documentation in my account I'd expressed concerns right after we got the car. Concerns that were ignored. 

They asked me to please not go any further public with our fight until I go to the VW dealership, but in good conscious I couldn't. The issue I am facing is not with one DriveTime dealership. If you look at their Facebook page or do a google search, you'll see this is a company wide issue and there are thousands of people facing issues similar to mine all over this country. I owe it to everyone who is dealing with this company and their lemons to make their practices as public as possible. 

I'm all about a company who actually helps people having a hard time getting ahead. I am disgusted by one who pretends to be one and then flips the bird at the already downtrodden people they screw over. DriveTime is one of those companies. They are a predator and their prey is people who are down on their luck, poor and who may not know their rights or how to even begin fighting their unethical business practices.

Unfortunately for them, I don't fit that description. 

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought of invoking the lemon law. My father in law did that with Ford. You have more than enough documentation to get restitution. Here is a link to info on this.

Good luck:)