Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The letter I just sent DriveTime after they responded to my tweets

I purchased a 2007 Volkwagen Jetta from your Lewisville, TX location in January 2012. Within two weeks of purchasing the car, it broke down on me. I had the car towed to Bob’s Tire and Auto, your vendor in Lewisville, TX and found that, among other things, the clutch was going out on the car. Your company initially refused to fix the problem, saying it wasn’t covered by the warranty. Since the car was supposedly thoroughly inspected before being put on the lot, my husband convinced you that you actually were liable for the repairs since there was no way I could destroy a clutch in two weeks. I got the car back and, one week later, while driving in rush hour traffic, the car began to breakdown again. Not only did you leave me on hold for close to an hour on two separate occasions,  it took over 24 hours for you to even send a tow truck to get the car and then I was only able to get that because I threw a screaming fit. Again, the car went to Bob’s. Again, you tried to refuse to pay for the repairs even though the parts the vendor you use sent Bob’s a faulty part. Again, you tried to pass the costs on to me. Again, we had to help you see the light. On the way home from picking my car up a second time from Bob's, it broke down again. This time I had to wait almost three hours for a tow truck because I had to use your vendor or pay the full price and Bob's tried to claim there was nothing wrong with the car, although they made a repair (the same exact repair they’d supposedly made the previous two visits) and this time I actually did get stuck with the cost. I ended up having to take a rental car to my own wedding because my car sat in the shop for over a week and probably would’ve broken down on the way to the church anyway. 

When the car broke down a fifth time in five months, I told you I would not take it back to Bob’s to be fixed. Your company told me I could a) pay extra to have it towed to another location or b) pay for the repairs myself. At this point, I was already out $1200 in rental car fees, that you also refused to pay, but took my car to my local mechanic because I wanted it fixed right for a change and got a belt replaced that Bob’s should’ve seen needed to be replaced in all those visits but didn’t.  My own mechanic was appalled at the shoddy work done by your vendor and the condition of the car, but when I informed you of this and also read you the horrendous reviews Bob’s has locally, you didn’t do anything to remedy the situation. 

After my last run-in with Bob’s and my own mechanic repairing the car, we had a good few months. But, when that transmission light once again came on and my car started acting strange again, I wasn’t really that surprised.  When I waited two hours for a tow truck and had to pay full price for the tow because your company only covers so many even though the quality of the cars you sell seems to be questionable and then had to pay full price for the repairs because they, once again, weren’t covered even though it was now the fourth time to have the same repair (among a few new ones) made and this time you wouldn’t budge, I wasn’t surprised. Shoddy cars, shoddy work and shoddy customer service have become the norm when dealing with DriveTime. At this point, I found the car so unreliable, I hadn’t even drive it the 45 miles to my parents’ house since the fifth breakdown because I was certain I wouldn’t make it there and back. It already hadn’t twice, so why chance it ever again? 

Now, the car has reached a new low. I can’t even drive it into to town to the grocery store without worrying it’s going to breakdown. Yesterday, it again started having the same symptoms it’s had every time since the first breakdown that Bob’s, your vendor, claims to fix and that you now won’t cover anymore. It’s less than 10 miles to the grocery store. If I can’t drive it that far, how in the world am I supposed to drive it to a job that will allow me to make money to pay the car payment for a car that has cost me way more than it’s worth in repair related expenses alone? I’m kind of over this car and your customer service. By kind of, I mean totally. 

Here’s the deal. I won’t go back to Bob’s to get the car repaired. I won’t pay another dime out of my pocket to get the car repaired because what you sold me is a lemon. Now, if we could work a deal to apply what I’ve already paid on a trade-in that I can get checked by my own mechanic before committing to purchasing it, that would be acceptable. Or, if you could refund just my payments and take back the lemon you sold me so I can go get a reliable car, that would be great as well. I also have another option, but it’s not very nice, so I’ll save that one for now. Something needs to be done to right the wrong you did to me and my family, and I will see this thing through until it happens.

I hope to speak with you soon so that we can work out a way to fix this problem in a manner that is acceptable.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

You are a lot nicer than I would have been by now. I would contact the Attorney General. Businesses like that need to be eliminate. Sorry for your troubles!!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Wow. This sounds a lot like my saga with ford and their 6L diesel.

I still hold my breath when I drive the thing. I can only go short distances 'cause I run out of air and black out.

Good luck-


Julie said...

It sounds like Bob's was the low ball bidder for their repair contract and they don't care since they aren't getting paid enough from their contract. Thanks for warning us about DriveTime. I will never buy a car from them. Are you listening CEO of DriveTime? Word of mouth and social media sucks for you DriveTime.

Jodi said...

I agree with contacting the Attorney General. Also, does Texas happen to have lemon laws? If so, you might have some legal recourse. Good luck!

GunDiva said...

Do you not have a "lemon law" in TX? Or is it just settled by the old "shotgun law"?