Monday, January 6, 2014

I think maybe I'm being punked because this crap can't be real.

As it turns out, my mom is way sicker than anyone imagined. Okay, not anyone. I totally figured she'd be exactly this sick. Actually, I asked the doctor what they'd do if her heart was too damaged to stent when they got in there and they said that is super rare. And I was like, "Okay, but let's just say..." because I knew. A word of advice, kids: if you get diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, you should take your meds and listen to your doctor or you shall be effed with a capital "F." 

Right in the midst of the doctor telling us her heart was, in fact, too damaged to stent without risks and asking us if we wanted to decide between the risky stent or bypass, my dad's phone rang.

It was his doctor.

Giving him bad news. 

Bad news I didn't even know might be coming because my mother told him not to tell me about the tests so I wouldn't be stressed out. 

That whole keeping shit secret is a big old ugly can of worms that will one day be discussed in detail in my tell-all autobiography. 

So, way sick mother and possibly way sick daddy. Simultaneously.

And scabs ripped off old wounds that made me ugly cry in public because I was so insanely pissed. 

Ashton Kutcher is going to jump off a gurney any second, right? 


Sally @ Our Blessed Existence said...

:( Praying for your mama, daddy, and you.

Hillary said...

Aww girl, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom and Dad. Prayers for healing and the wisdom of doctors. My parents used to do the same damn crap (until my dad passed). I wonder just how flippin old we have to get before they start telling us stuff. My God, we're almost 40 not 4. :)

Keep us updated!


Jodi said...

{{ hugs }}

Allenspark Lodge said...

I'm so sorry.
You and yours are in my prayers.


epic said...

Uggggg…SO sorry.
Grew up with a daddy who kept the scary stuff from us.
We found about his stent after I found his nitroglycerine tablets following his death. From the collapsed stent.
He told our mom he was going out of town on business when he went to the hospital to have the stent put in.
Twenty years later, I'm still angry...