Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Lieu of a Real Post...

My time is limited because I'm working a half day today and I need to start getting ready which takes a longer time than one might think due to the shoe/clothes/accessory situation. I'll respond to comments from the other post after I get out of class tonight. Just know, I adore your comments and I'm not ignoring you. Now, here's some quick randomness to hold you over until I can write a real post:

  • I think it's perfectly normal to ask, "Is she pregnant?" when hearing that someone is getting married to someone about 30 seconds after starting to date them and that they're planning the wedding in like two months. I married my ex 30 seconds after meeting him and that was the first thing everyone asked. And no, I wasn't pregnant. I got pregnant two months later.
  • It's probably not okay to ask, "Who's going to take care of her kid?" when hearing that she and her new hubby might move far away from her family that currently takes care of her kid.
  • That second comment might explain why I didn't receive an invitation to the blessed event.
  • I should be doing homework right now.
  • I'm afraid the calm feeling I have about going to sub for ninth grade again today is a false sense of security based on the really awesome day I had yesterday.
  • I get to sub all next week for my most favorite group of kids! Love those guys and the other two teachers in their group!
  • My son dropped his Lego magazine in the toilet he'd just peed in last night and then cried for me to wash it because it had cheat codes for some game in it. I told him it would smell like pee even if I did wash it. He said not if I made copies of it and we just used the copies and trashed the magazine.
  • Smart kid. I'm still not thinking I'll pull the pee covered magazine out of the trash, though.
  • He did stand up to the little girl that told him he didn't have a family because his parents were divorced and that was kind of awesome.
  • I was going to wait for her mother in the parking lot after school, but she drives a Prius, so Toyota may have done the dirty deed for me.
Off to shower and get ready for work and class tonight. Having class until 8:30 makes for a very long Wednesday, especially when you're not done reading the chapter we'll be covering tonight. And haven't printed out the assignment that's due and won't have time before class.

Maybe that's what I should've done instead of blog.


Michelle Hoad said...

Kids suck. Except for ours cause they are gentically related to us, therefore awesomeness is guaranteed. And anyone who drives a Prius deserves an ass kicking.

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

Why are kids (except ours & Michelle's of course) so flippin' mean? Good for Max ~ another cool Max story for the head mistress to hear from her daughter...which in turn will put that Prius beotch in a bad light. Yes, Karma is a wonderful thing!

Screwed Up Texan said...

Hilarious! I especially liked the Toyota retort.

Funny thing, I married my husband four months after my first date with him. I've always moved fast like that though. We didnt get pregnant for almost a year later though.

Rachel said...

I have nothing to do at work today, therefore I posted on my blog, read yours and everyone else's posts from today, and wrote a lot of personal emails. I think I worked for 3 hours... ANNDDD every time my boss came over, he saw blogger. Every. Time. Does this make you feel better about homework? At least maybe you can lie :)

Foursons said...

Congrats on the jobs next week. That will relieve some stress for sure!

Candance said...

Michelle: You're so funny, but yeah, we totally have awesome kids. How could we not?

QQAL: Mike e-mailed her about the incident and she was pissed off because that school totally doesn't teach those kinds of things and I think there are even a few kids there with two mommies and two daddies, so they embrace all kinds of families. I was just super stoked Max stood up to the little bitch. As far as the other kids go? They don't have you, me or Michelle for mamas. Poor babies ;0).

Allie: Four months and y'all have been married this long? Good for you, Lady!! Did people ask you if you were pregnant?

Rachel: I read your comment in class on my cell phone while the kids were watching a movie and busted out laughing. Now I'm the Crazy Sub, but at least I do feel better about the homework. That I'm still not doing.

Foursons: Thanks!! Girl, it will help out so much!!

Will Burke said...

LOVED the Prius comment! Loved that Max stood up to that sow, but we'd expect no less from your kid!

Robert said...

Hey Sweetie,
Don't even talk about doing homework instead of doing the blog. What would this "peeping Rob" do if he couldn't look into the trials and tribulations of this crazy, beautiful, southern belle? I look forward to each new episode. Of course that doesn't mean i don't live my own fascinating, provocative, sensual, yet sensible life. lol

Candance said...

Will Burke: I am witty ;0). You know, my ex and I talk about this all the time because he and I both aren't scared to say exactly what we're thinking, but Max doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, even if they hurt his first. We're not sure how that happened and we're so proud of him for finally putting this little girl in her place!

Robert: You made my day!! I'm sure you do have a fascinating, provocative, sensual yet sensible life, and you should blog about it!!!

christinemm said...

Why not turn to the Internet for the cheat codes? I am sure you can find them using google. My kids did.

Or, ask me what you need. If we have it I'll give you the codes. Contact me by leaving a comment on my blog w your email (I won't publish it).

Then your son can learn another use for cyberspace (with both options).

Candance said...

christinemm: Thanks for the idea! He actually did send me to some website last night and we ended up looking at several but they didn't have what he wanted for Lego Indiana Jones 2 for the DS. When he gets up, I find out what it is, I just may e-mail you because the cable just went out from all the snow and that lead to a very long day.