Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oh, the things you can do when you let go of wanting to get the last word

When I last wrote anything for the masses (all 292 of ya), I was feeling both angry at myself for allowing the words being said about me to garner a pointless reaction and relieved to finally be at a point where I knew it was fruitless to get the last word because it was a battle that wouldn't end as long I engaged the parties involved. I try really hard to live a life that has very little drama. Of course, raising a teenage girl and being birthed by my mother, that is easier said than done, but I definitely try not to invite it into my life. By engaging in childish foolishness, I was basically sending drama an engraved invitation to come on over. Letting it go (and now the damn song from Frozen is stuck in my head and I've never even seen the freaking movie) was a huge weight off my chest (I really did lose seven pounds, although the two may not be related) and allowed me to deal with everything around me in a much more logical manner.

And, within just a couple of hours of writing that post, it also led to a miracle. 

My mentor teacher from my student teaching days sent me a text message asking if I had received word yet about a job I applied for with the state. When I told her I hadn't, she hooked me up with the person in charge of hiring at a local school. Eighteen hours later, I had a teaching job for the rest of the semester!! 

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I finally have a full-time teaching job-at least until the end of the school year. I am teaching both middle school and high school English (five grade levels) and, as an added bonus, I also get to teach journalism! Happy, grateful, excited, thankful and humble aren't good enough adjectives to even begin to express how I feel about finally turning this corner.

Getting this job so quickly after finally letting stupid crap go was almost like someone far more wise and powerful than me was letting me know The Universe (this is an umbrella term for whatever God you believe in since I value all belief systems at CTM) was waiting on me to totally stop letting myself get mired down trivial stuff that a) didn't matter in the big scheme of life and b) I couldn't and never will be able to control and really don't ever need to. My focus had to be 1000% on important stuff that does matter, like the education of America's future, before good things were allowed to happen. In other words, I had to be at my best so I could be the best for the kids who are counting on me to teach them how to be their best. 

The Universe is very good at this stuff. 

So, I may not be around much for the next few months. I have kids to get through the STAAR test, lots of lessons to plan, five grade levels to get through five different novels, lots of papers to grade, plus I still have to take care of my own kiddos and hit the gym at least five days a week because I like my muscles and would like my rearview to continue to get smaller.

Who knew crazy busy could equal crazy, crazy happy?!?! 

And that being so focused on having the last word was so detrimental to every single aspect of my life? I could've saved myself a lot of trouble figuring that one out a little earlier.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm more of a hypocrite than I thought and that blows.

Note: Did you know the name of the font is Verdana not Veranda? I've been using it for the almost seven years I've had this blog and just noticed that. Apparently, attention to detail is not my strong suit after all.

In my last blog post, I wrote about how, even though I hate it when people are mean to each other on social media, I sometimes think really mean things about people and then I listed a few examples of what I'd been tempted to post that morning. Well, that apparently got someone's panties all in a wad because they thought one of those points was aimed at them even though the person it was aimed at took all their pictures in a cubicle, so it would be impossible for it to be that person. But whatever, shit like that happens and you just have to move on. 

Except for when you let people get under your skin, which in turn does more harm than good. 

See, I don't read some posts on social media, but sometimes Grace does and reports back to me when they are obviously being aimed at me, warranted or not. Every once in a while I bite, even though I know engaging people is pointless because no one ever wins. Really, all it does is stir up a mess that won't go away because all parties are too stubborn and prideful to let anyone else walk away the seeming winner in the situation. I bite even though I decided to end friendships months ago because of behaviors (not beliefs) I simply didn't want in my life, as I am working on my "happiness project," which is another reason it makes me so mad I allowed people to get under my skin. 

Letting people get under my skin and engaging in snarkiness before I think of the consequences isn't something I do often, but when I do, it's something I always regret. After I say what's on my mind in a very public forum and it's posted there forever, I always end up asking myself why I bothered. What was the point? What was accomplished? All I've allowed is for someone I don't associate with or, in some cases even know, to mark one in the victory column because they got a rise out of me. That does make me a hypocrite because it's the very thing I hate to see other people do just for the sake of being mean. 

As part of my happiness project, I am going to try harder not to let ugly opinions and half-truths get the best of me anymore. Everyone has their own version of the truth and a right to their opinions, and jumping down their throats won't change it. I refuse to allow myself to engage in futile acts any longer, even if I have to bite my tongue until it bleeds and break all my fingers to keep from typing a response. I've already told Grace she can continue to be friends with whomever she chooses, but I'd like her to not read those things to me anymore. Especially on nights when there's no yoga class for me to go get all zen in instead of losing my shit like a teenage girl all over social media. 

I've made certain decisions lately in order to be a better me and engaging in foolishness, especially with people who aren't even part of my life, works against my goal. I'm too old to be going backwards in this here project.

So, shame on me for engaging in foolishness. It was a huge step backwards and one I hope to not make in the future. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

This is why I often have to remove people from my newsfeed.

As I've mentioned before, I really don't like it when people are totally mean to people on social media (or in the actual real world) just because they don't agree with their beliefs. I mean, really, being douchy to someone just because they aren't as "christian" as you is totally uncalled for. Plus, that is not what Jesus would do.

That being said, I am finding myself more and more compelled to post snarky comments on the statuses of people I find annoying, fake, big fat liars or who just have horrible personalities, which isn't nice, either. I know that. And sometimes what I want to write is really, really mean. Like, I am even shocked by my own meanness. Here are a few examples of things I wanted to post just this morning:

  • Do you do anything besides take pictures of yourself all day? And you should probably hope your employers doesn't find your FB page because a lot of those pics appear to be happening on his time. 
  • Everyone knows you're lying. 
  • Are you trying to convince yourself how great and perfect your spouse is or are you trying to convince everyone else? Because, I know your spouse and I'm leaning towards the first option.
  • Are you aware the only thing you don't share you're doing on social media is shitting? 
  • Yeah, we all know how to do that without a microwave because we grew up in the 80's. 
  • If you have all the health conditions you claim to have, I don't think you should be eating that. 
  • Lighten the eff up. 
I know, I am satan. And a hypocrite. Well, not really. I don't get mean because of their beliefs-just who they are as a person in general and I never, ever post the stuff. I just think it and roll my eyes a lot. 

But, if I find myself overwhelmed to be ugly to someone more than once a week, I just remove them from my newsfeed. Well, unless they're a special brand of crazy. 

Then they have to stay for entertainment purposes.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is what DriveTime calls customer service

Yesterday, I posted the e-mail I wrote DriveTime when they responded to my tweets. Just as they promised, on of their representatives contacted me within just a few hours. Here's what they had to offer to "fix" the issue with my car and their business practices:

  • They will pay for one hour of diagnostics on my car at the VW dealership. 
  • If the problems VW finds on my car aren't covered by the warranty on my car (and history tells me they won't be) they will defer two of my car payments so paying for the repairs won't be quite so hard. 
That sounds really good, no? Well, except who pays if the diagnostics take more than hour? Am I supposed to foot the bill for the extra? Oh, and when I pressed the rep further on the "defer" offer, since, thanks to being a person who is really good at English (and may or may not have a lot of student loan payments that have been deferred more than once), he was forced to admit that , yeah, the payments would be added to the end of my loan, so it would be a little longer, which means extra interest on the loan. So, their offer to "help" me, really makes them more money in the end. 

I know, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy, too. 

The rep also informed me they would not put me in another car at this point in the loan. When I called him out on the fact I'd asked to be put in a car two weeks into the loan and they refused then as well, so wanting out of the car is neither a new request or new information, he had to agree. As a matter of fact, he had to admit there was documentation in my account I'd expressed concerns right after we got the car. Concerns that were ignored. 

They asked me to please not go any further public with our fight until I go to the VW dealership, but in good conscious I couldn't. The issue I am facing is not with one DriveTime dealership. If you look at their Facebook page or do a google search, you'll see this is a company wide issue and there are thousands of people facing issues similar to mine all over this country. I owe it to everyone who is dealing with this company and their lemons to make their practices as public as possible. 

I'm all about a company who actually helps people having a hard time getting ahead. I am disgusted by one who pretends to be one and then flips the bird at the already downtrodden people they screw over. DriveTime is one of those companies. They are a predator and their prey is people who are down on their luck, poor and who may not know their rights or how to even begin fighting their unethical business practices.

Unfortunately for them, I don't fit that description. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The letter I just sent DriveTime after they responded to my tweets

I purchased a 2007 Volkwagen Jetta from your Lewisville, TX location in January 2012. Within two weeks of purchasing the car, it broke down on me. I had the car towed to Bob’s Tire and Auto, your vendor in Lewisville, TX and found that, among other things, the clutch was going out on the car. Your company initially refused to fix the problem, saying it wasn’t covered by the warranty. Since the car was supposedly thoroughly inspected before being put on the lot, my husband convinced you that you actually were liable for the repairs since there was no way I could destroy a clutch in two weeks. I got the car back and, one week later, while driving in rush hour traffic, the car began to breakdown again. Not only did you leave me on hold for close to an hour on two separate occasions,  it took over 24 hours for you to even send a tow truck to get the car and then I was only able to get that because I threw a screaming fit. Again, the car went to Bob’s. Again, you tried to refuse to pay for the repairs even though the parts the vendor you use sent Bob’s a faulty part. Again, you tried to pass the costs on to me. Again, we had to help you see the light. On the way home from picking my car up a second time from Bob's, it broke down again. This time I had to wait almost three hours for a tow truck because I had to use your vendor or pay the full price and Bob's tried to claim there was nothing wrong with the car, although they made a repair (the same exact repair they’d supposedly made the previous two visits) and this time I actually did get stuck with the cost. I ended up having to take a rental car to my own wedding because my car sat in the shop for over a week and probably would’ve broken down on the way to the church anyway. 

When the car broke down a fifth time in five months, I told you I would not take it back to Bob’s to be fixed. Your company told me I could a) pay extra to have it towed to another location or b) pay for the repairs myself. At this point, I was already out $1200 in rental car fees, that you also refused to pay, but took my car to my local mechanic because I wanted it fixed right for a change and got a belt replaced that Bob’s should’ve seen needed to be replaced in all those visits but didn’t.  My own mechanic was appalled at the shoddy work done by your vendor and the condition of the car, but when I informed you of this and also read you the horrendous reviews Bob’s has locally, you didn’t do anything to remedy the situation. 

After my last run-in with Bob’s and my own mechanic repairing the car, we had a good few months. But, when that transmission light once again came on and my car started acting strange again, I wasn’t really that surprised.  When I waited two hours for a tow truck and had to pay full price for the tow because your company only covers so many even though the quality of the cars you sell seems to be questionable and then had to pay full price for the repairs because they, once again, weren’t covered even though it was now the fourth time to have the same repair (among a few new ones) made and this time you wouldn’t budge, I wasn’t surprised. Shoddy cars, shoddy work and shoddy customer service have become the norm when dealing with DriveTime. At this point, I found the car so unreliable, I hadn’t even drive it the 45 miles to my parents’ house since the fifth breakdown because I was certain I wouldn’t make it there and back. It already hadn’t twice, so why chance it ever again? 

Now, the car has reached a new low. I can’t even drive it into to town to the grocery store without worrying it’s going to breakdown. Yesterday, it again started having the same symptoms it’s had every time since the first breakdown that Bob’s, your vendor, claims to fix and that you now won’t cover anymore. It’s less than 10 miles to the grocery store. If I can’t drive it that far, how in the world am I supposed to drive it to a job that will allow me to make money to pay the car payment for a car that has cost me way more than it’s worth in repair related expenses alone? I’m kind of over this car and your customer service. By kind of, I mean totally. 

Here’s the deal. I won’t go back to Bob’s to get the car repaired. I won’t pay another dime out of my pocket to get the car repaired because what you sold me is a lemon. Now, if we could work a deal to apply what I’ve already paid on a trade-in that I can get checked by my own mechanic before committing to purchasing it, that would be acceptable. Or, if you could refund just my payments and take back the lemon you sold me so I can go get a reliable car, that would be great as well. I also have another option, but it’s not very nice, so I’ll save that one for now. Something needs to be done to right the wrong you did to me and my family, and I will see this thing through until it happens.

I hope to speak with you soon so that we can work out a way to fix this problem in a manner that is acceptable.

Thank you,